Maria In A Traditional Japanese Kimono

Hey!!  Hope you’re all doing well 🙂  I thought I’d post this gallery of Maria Ozawa today, in her steamy Japanese kimono!  This is yet another one of my favorite pictures of her, but then again which ones aren’t lol.  By the way, it’s not easy making these posts damn it, every time I re-initiate my thought about Maria Ozawa and see these hot galleries of her, I start getting a raging boner and I get distracted for the rest of the day :O.  The only way I solve that is by watching Maria Ozawa videos and then jacking it :).  Hey I’m not complaining!  Ok let’s move on to my favorites in this gallery.  Well I’d have to start with the 6th (km6.jpg) where she is slipping off her very delicate underwear and has her pussy and ass exposed!  (Erection commencing)  Then I like 7, where she is looking at you and saying “well what are you waiting for” on her side, I think that is very inviting.  Now comes the best ones!!!  I’m guessing no one showed up so she started masturbating intensely and worked up a good fucking sweat that I’d like to lick off of her in 8 and 9.  In picture 9, I loveeeeee how she is so wet, and how she is squeezing her left tits real hard and has her right leg lifted up, with a look like she’s almost getting an orgasm.  Makes my cock fucking hard!  I wish I was there to fuck her in that state right there!  Then it gets worse, and reveals one of the sexiest Japanese asses I’ve ever seen, fuck!  Then to make things EVEN MORE WORSE, she is looking at you as if she is riding you on top while your dick is enveloped in her hot pussy, omggg…

Last but definitely not least, this point of view of picture 13, makes you think of instances where you fucked your girl so hard and your about to cum and REALLY want to cum on her face and since we seen Maria being cumshot in her face from her porn movies, it makes this pic that much more sexy.  Oh so I wish I could cum on her beautiful face and tits.  Guys and girls as we have a lot of girl visitors here also, if you haven’t seen her movies, you ought to check it out, I mean after all this with a hard dick and some pre-cum there is no way I’m not watching her movie!  Check out AJP NETWORK, it is my favorite, and the one I subscribe to.  If you are wondering what one to watch check out the Maria Ozawa Videos and Maria Ozawa Uncensored links to get some ideas 🙂  Enjoy and I’ll see you again with more Maria Ozawa!


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