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For all you Maria Ozawa anal video lovers I have for you her very first anal vid clips she did!  She is wearing an all in one short pink dress, with no panties on, and sporting her luxurious curled hair and elegant necklace.  All the while ready to get fucked in the ass!  I don’t know what it is about a hot chick like Maria Ozawa in elegant clothing that makes it even sexier to watch her being fucked in the ass but it is!  I also love her bikini tan lines contrasted to her overall tan, so hot!!  Also the dude that fondles her and soaks up all her female scent while she has her dress on, is exactly how I would do it.  Dericious!  Watch the samples below now.  Cream pie included!

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As promised, I said I would post some brand new pictures of Maria Ozawa and here we are!  These pictures are exclusively taken and published by Hegre-Art, a hot nude photo’s site featuring four all new Maria Ozawa galleries.  In this set she is totally naked (what else would you expect at :)) and she is smeared in pink jelly!  Her face is as beautiful as it has always been, her nipples are hard on those mouth watering breasts, and her pussy, while covered by her Japanese traditional bush is slightly exposed uncensored…

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Check out the screenshots from the movie!

Maria is at it again, this time at a mechanic shop, fucking some grease monkeys outdoors and inside cars.  I’m sure we all agree that cars and hot women like Maria Ozawa go hand in hand so here we have it!  I like this video!  She turns your dick hard in the beginning by pouring lots and lots of car oil on herself slowly not caring whether it makes a mess or not.  She keeps pouring more and more and rubbing her tits and whole body with it and shakes her ass too for us.  I love the fact that she sits on a tire when doing this, damn HOTTT!  What I like about this movie is that it’s mostly outdoors, and they fuck right in plain sight at the same time worrying about who’s looking or not while she gives the guy a titty fuck on the mechanics penis in her sexy high heels and dangly jewelry!  I also like when she rubs another mechanics dick continuously using her ass, I never seen that technique before and it’s fucking hot when she does it!  You can watch this movie and all her other movies including uncensored ones by registering at JSEXNETWORK.


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Maria Ozawa is dressed in a white and black maid’s outfit and looking so damn CUTE!!  Her hair is tied in some stylish maid fashion that is so sexy and pretty at the same time.  I love it!  This high resolution gallery exhibits her genuine smile real well, kudos to the photographer.  Of course after having some fun she takes her maids outfit off and unveils her pinkish bra and undies that look so hot on her.  Eventually it gets too hot and she takes off her bra and undies off too, showing her beautiful tits and smackable ass.  I’d love to grab her ass right now and feel the stress in my hands melt away and fuck Maria with her maids outfit on  with that dazzling smile.  Think about how much fun that would be!  Love you Maria!

If you like the maid outfit on her as much as I do, check out her uncensored movie MEATH NOTE, where Maria dresses in a french maid outfit and sucks some serious cock.  Available at JSEXNETWORK.

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Available at IDOL69.  Imagine having finished school and meeting up with Maria Ozawa for some fucking and to get you and your friends dick sucked royally with her sexy nylons on!  Once again you will see why Maria is amazing at blowjobs so much so that I can almost cum to these 12 sample clips!  Watch her do a smooth french kiss just like her blowjobs on your dick and get fucked and suck a guy at the same time and MORE!  Be sure to check all the clips I don’t want you to miss out on any, this is too fucking hot!

Maria Ozawa School Girl Uniform

Hot and Smooth French Kiss Gives Me a Boner

Maria Ozawa Dvd

Maria Gets Felt Up and Slowly Has Her Clothes Slide Off of Her

Maria Ozawa Jsexnetwork

Maria Jacks and Gives Two Hot Blowjobs at the Same Time

Maria Ozawa Sucking

In this set, she gets fucked on the couch and sucks another dude at the same time! SO SO HOT!

You can download the full version of this video at IDOL69 or for many other of her videos including five uncensored videos you can check out JSEXNETWORK!

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Maria Ozawa was born on January 8, 1986 and today is of course her birthday!  From all the Maria Ozawa lovers and I we would like to wish you happiness and continue to do what you enjoy!  You are a sweet sexy beautiful goddess and a girl with a great personality and smile.  You’re different and unique in your own way and that is what makes you one of the most special JAV pornstars on the planet! :)

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