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As promised, I said I would post some brand new pictures of Maria Ozawa and here we are!  These pictures are exclusively taken and published by Hegre-Art, a hot nude photo’s site featuring four all new Maria Ozawa galleries.  In this set she is totally naked (what else would you expect at :)) and she is smeared in pink jelly!  Her face is as beautiful as it has always been, her nipples are hard on those mouth watering breasts, and her pussy, while covered by her Japanese traditional bush is slightly exposed uncensored…

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I want to wish Maria a Happy Birthday and showcase to you some rare pictures of her that I’ve collected after a while!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  We Love you!

…Stay tuned for some brand new pictures of Maria you’ve never seen before in the coming days!  To be sure you see it as soon as it is up, be sure to bookmark us or subscribe to our RSS feed!  Wishing all the visitors here a Happy 2011 🙂 !

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Here’s some more spicey Maria Ozawa pictures!  I like this set, especially the one with her hand by her chin, and her boobs dangling down, all at the same time showing that amazing ass of hers!  I really like her feminine hands, fingers and fingernails.  Imagine her fingers and mouth wrapped around your dick, while she scrapes your balls so lightly with with her other hand! I fantasize a lot I know, but I think we all do about Maria Ozawa!!

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Soft and delicate looking Maria Ozawa is posing for the camera and looking oh so fresh!  I love the lighting in these pictures and Maria Ozawa is giving me a boner!  Her skin against her lingerie looks so delicate and silky that you want to just slide your dick all over her body and tits!  Now imagine her sucking your cock in this setting, nice and slowly, and add some dry titty fucking against her silky skin to the mix!  Oh man!!

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Hey dudes and dudettes, I am posting this gallery of Maria Ozawa for you today, I hope you like it!  These photos are in high quality and show off Maria’s hot bushy pussy and those beautiful all natural breasts!  It’s hard to find a girl that has the complete package in one, Maria has a beautiful face, a drool inducing body,  nice natural tits and breasts,  and a grab inducing plump ass!   Check out ALL JAPANESE PASS NETWORK for an extensive list of her movies as listed on the right with more info!  Enjoy 🙂

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